Laz Rivero is a stand-up comedian and actor. Laz has become one of the most buzz worthy new comedians in New York City. He burst onto the scene with his unique and hilarious views on everyday life in a gentrified Brooklyn contrasted with recounts of growing up as a Cuban refugee raised in a cult. Naturally, big laughs ensue...

When not on the road, Laz can be seen regularly at Broadway comedy club, the grizly pear, Dangerfield’s and all over NYC, or chasing his toddler around Park Slope in his chancletas. 

laz rivero is represented by cesd talent agency nyc.

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upcoming shows

april 5, 2019 the grisly pear 6pm

April 6, 2019 DC comedy club Washington DC 8pm

april 10, 2019 green rock tap room hoboken 8pm

april 12, 2019 pico de gallo comedy show bushwick 8pm

april 19, 2019 the grisly pear 8pm

april 20, 2019 westside tavern ridgefield park, nj 7pm

april 20, 2019 broadway comedy club 7:45pm

april 20, 2019 smokes n jokes brooklyn 9pm

april 26, 2019 westside village tavern 7pm

april 26, 2019 the grisly pear 8pm

april 26, 2019 the creek and the cave 10pm

april 27, 2019 broadway comedy club 7:45pm

april 28, 2019 rock candy comedy rockwood music hall 8pm

may 25, 2019 rhino’s comedy club 8pm

may 27, 2019 kenny warren barbershop comedy show 8pm





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flannery’s funeral home and catering hall

(with Daniel Ares and Laz Rivero)